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Crystal Allen

I know that I'm not a guest to this church, but I just wanted to thank the Preacher, Dr. Ed Wilson; For speaking life into my son. It touched my heart. And, for the compassion they have for the lost that is so genuine. This church is full of helpers with loving hands! God bless & Thank you, for all you all do!!! God is good.

Steve Montgomery

Do you have a Church e-mail address? If so e-mail to me please.


I like the style of your site, it looks feels very pleasant. Perhaps our style is the same. I recently spotted a shop, I think you'll love this store's address is:

Dave Flang

Chili Bible Baptist Church
4140 Buffalo Rd. - Rochester, NY
(585) 227-6088

Youth Ablaze is now LIVE!!!
1995 to 2013 this playlist will repeat. This channel will go live in 2014 at the next Youth Ablaze.
Next Youth Ablaze February 20, 21, 22, 2014
February is coming fast!!
View past years here:
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Good News for the Deaf and Hearing

Acts 20:31

Dave Flang (Dave Falanga Facebook)

PS Happy New Year

Jason Dennis

Hello all!!!!  I hope this email finds you all blessed and highly favored.  We are The Dennis Family from Dunn, NC, an all-family Gospel Music group and we are looking to fill our 2014 schedule as well as beyond that.  The group consists of husband and wife Doug and Jackie Dennis, along with their son Jason and his wife Lauren.  We have been singing and ministering together since 2005 and have been recognized as one of North Carolina's top regional groups.  We have received awards at the State Annual Singing Convention in Benson, NC and were also a Regional Artist Showcase winner at this year's National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY.  On average, we sing anywhere from 60-70 times a year and are looking to increase that number as well as making it to new areas.  We are able to come for whatever budget your church may have or love offerings and would love to come and be with you!!!  You can read more about us on our website, or by finding us on Facebook.  If you can fit us on your schedule for 2014, we would certainly love to come.  We will send you some CDs and other information if you need it or you find those on the website as well. We hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you and God Bless!!!


Great great blessing over you today in hope and in visions to see tha angels host to visit us today and be our thanksgiving in faith and in the power of God for Jesus blood sake ,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

Teri Swanson

Love the site...miss you all so very much

Kaye Long

Hi, Pastor Wilson. I don't know if you or your lovely wife will remember me or my son, Thomas Palmer. We moved from the area almost 10 years ago, not long after I had my daughter, Dakota. I have been looking for a church up here in WV like New Life but have not found one. We are going to be moving to the western side of Nashville, TN next year so I am hopeful of finding a good church there. I have told many people up here about New Life and the way you, your wife, and members of the church welcome everyone, no matter who they are; that New Life is one church that honestly shows Godly love to everyone. I am disappointed in the churches up here as they seem to have little cliques in the church and they are who deems you "worthy" of attending "their" church. I hope God continues to bless New Life. I miss going there. Love the website! God Bless.

Chaplain William A. McCoy

Excellent website,will be checking back for the updates.Looking good.